Kim Seon Ho Break The Rules of Cancel Culture in Korea Without Doing Anything!

The term cancel culture refers to a practice where netizens try to ‘refuse’ someone to appear in public. But, in Kim Seon Ho’s case, the cancel culture doesn’t affect him. A few days ago, I just…

Many “firsts” are emotionally charged, stressful, anxiety-provoking, worrisome, and provocative, even though they may be positive and healthy, insofar as they challenge us to stretch ourselves, to develop a better sense of self and to grow from the experience.

I’m trying hard as well as I can do for everything…

How to Craft Fabulous Copywriting?

Picture by Anna Auza Via Unsplash

Hello buddies, here I am again after a long time didn’t catch up in this Medium. I don’t have any special things to share but this one maybe can write-up your mind especially if you’re into marketing and copywriting stuff.

Have you ever felt burnout…

Nowadays, consumers are increasingly aware of environmentally-friendly (Eco-Friendly) products. They tend to pay more attention to products that have an eco-friendly label. Beztope (2012) cited by Dewi, Avicenna, & Meideline (2020) mentioned, this consumer behavior also encourages companies to create marketing strategies that show the company’s concern for the environment…

suci wandari

Random thoughts by Icus. I’m mostly talking about marketing and copywriting. Besides that, I also love to write about other things.

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