Essential Things For Better Copywriting!

I don’t know how it’s started but i’m extremely excited to learn about copywriting. So, i do my own research for several sources to improve my skills on copywriting. I also have experienced for 3/4 months to do my very first intern as Copywriter at Digital Marketing Agency. Also, now i have a chance to apply my skills on my second internship as Content Writer at very newbie startup companies. I writes every copy for several content everyday. I just enjoying these time — But, somehow i feel my copy still needs any creative ideas to touch the audience. It’s relatable because we don’t have any accurate things for digital audiens. Everything just changed and we must follow that paced.

As I mentioned before, here’s the essential things for a better copy!

1. Headline

This is the first part that might be catch the audiences. The truth is if your headlines stink, no one is going to read your sales copy. But, if your headline grabs the attention of the right people, then you’re on your way to sales success. That’s why a copywriter must write a clean, catchy, and nice headline. Jim Edwards says “The headline starts the entire sales process.”

So how do you write these headline?

Here we go …

1. Grab your audience’s attention on an emotional levels! You are not just writes a headline but you build a relationship with your audiences. The best headlines are going to make the right person (your ideal customer) feel KNOWN by you. Look at the way Somebymi write an emotional headline with relatable image! It’s short, simple but still emotionally.

2. Be curious! The headline doesn’t need to give it all away but it does need to tell someone if they are in the right place and what your offer will help them to take any action. Make them curious enough to keep on reading! Look at the way McDonalds do with these! This post gain 3060K comments, They’re curious about what McD is actually referring to. So, its successful headline! FYI, McD is really good on their marketing campaign so you can use it as your references.

2. Body Copy

Don’t make your audience, who has been bewitched by headlines, become disappointed. Your body copy must attractive also explained the headline, but don’t explained it too much. It’s tricky but this is the way to make a better copywriting. Only the best advertising copywriters will be able to craft body copy that perfectly describes a brand or product while encouraging readers to take a certain action. You don’t need a long copy but make it simple yet increasing the audience’s attention. To make it happen, you need a RESEARCH RESEARCH and ANALYZED YOUR AUDIENCES. Here’s an example a better copy from medium!

On Medium’s “Our Story” page, they have taken everything we hate about social platforms, crossed it out in red ink and wrote down everything we would like to see. This is simple yet killer copywriting.

So guys, if you have any ideas beside these 2 things for a better copywriting, just comment below!

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